Saturday, 22 September 2012


The story of the piece above is that of a grandparent memorial tattoo.  The tattoo subtly  encompasses many parts of their lives and attributes of their personality - from their favourite colours and pets to the decade they were born, clubs to which they belonged, to details taken from their coat of arms.

shake your's empty

Second piece in our 'turn the fucker off' series in Shoreditch. Plaster cast face courtesy of UrbanSolid. Read more here.

Monday, 17 September 2012

sono libero


Below are some photos from our 'omniverse' installed in the enchanted woodland of the magnificently magical Shambala Festival...

As we celebrate our achievements and advancements as a human race, we can trace our roots back to the miraculous beginnings of life on earth. Life in the ocean holds the key to our existence but what of those in co-existing universes? We have evolved into complex creatures with the ability to look beyond our limited perception of time and space and delve as deeply down the rabbit hole as our imagination will allow. Experience an all-encompassing unity as we celebrate our infinite, multidimensional, eternal existence.

More here 

Monday, 3 September 2012

roundhouse music collective

EP art recently created for Roundhouse Music Collective - 11 talented musicians aged 11-25 led by the incredible United Vibrations as part of the Roundhouse's pioneering initiative to help young people realise their creative potential. Out soon on Roundhouse Records

Saturday, 1 September 2012

turn the fucker off!

Television dominance breeds a mass culture which celebrates the most demeaning characteristics human beings can possess - greed, deceit and fakery.

Our latest piece urges people to wake up and stop spectating in the flickering world of the make believe. Our 3 dimensional friends at Urbansolid Art kindly gave us a couple of their remote controlled plaster cast faces, allowing us to do as we pleased. Below is the collaborative creation. Check out more of UrbanSolid's work here